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Dean Koontz, Copyright: unknown
Dean Koontz

born: 7-9-1945
in: Bedfort, Pennsylvania


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1968 .|. Star Quest
1969 .|. The Fall of the Dream Machine
1969 .|. Fear that Man
1970 .|. Anti-Man
1970 .|. Beastchild
1970 .|. Dark of the Woods
1970 .|. Soft come the Dragons
     (Short Stories)
1970 .|. The Dark Symphony
1970 .|. Hell's Gate
1970 .|. The Haunted Earth
1970 .|. The Underground Lifestyles
     Handbook (with Gerda Koontz)
1970 .|. The Pig Society
     (with Gerda Koontz)
1970 .|. Bounce Girl
     aka Aphrodesiac Girl
     (with Gerda Koontz)
1970 .|. Hung
     (as Leonard Chris)
1971 .|. The Crimson Witch
1971 .|. Demon Child
     (as Deanna Dwyer)
1971 .|. Legacy of Terror
     (as Deanna Dwyer)
1972 .|. A Darkness in my Soul
1972 .|. The Flesh in the Furnace
1972 .|. Starblood
1972 .|. Time Thieves
     (in UK as Leigh Nichols)
1972 .|. Warlock
1972 .|. Writing Popular Fiction
     aka How to write Bestselling Fiction
1972 .|. Children of the Storm
     (as Deanna Dwyer)
1972 .|. The Dark of Summer
     (as Deanna Dwyer)
1972 .|. Chase
     aka Strange Highways
1973 .|. Demon Seed .|. Little Worm
1973 .|. Hanging on
1973 .|. A Werewolf among us
1973 .|. Blood Risk
     (as Brian Coffey)
1973 .|. Dance with the Devil
     (as Deanna Dwyer)
1973 .|. Shattered
     (as K.R. Dwyer)
1974 .|. After the last Race
1974 .|. Surrounded
     (as Brian Coffey)
1974 .|. Strike Deep
     (as Anthony North)
1975 .|. Nightmare Journey
1975 .|. Invasion First Chapter from Random House
     aka Winter Moon
     (as Aaron Wolfe)
1975 .|. The Wall of Masks
     (as Brian Coffey)
1975 .|. The Long Sleep
     (as John Hill)
1975 .|. Dragonfly
     (as K.R. Dwyer)
1976 .|. Night Chills
1976 .|. Prison of Ice
     aka Icebound
     (as David Axton)
1977 .|. The Face of Fears
     (US as Brian Coffey
     UK as K.R. Dwyer)
1977 .|. The Vision
1979 .|. The Key to Midnight
1980 .|. The Funhouse
     (as Owen West)
1980 .|. The Voice of the Night
     (as Brian Coffey)
1980 .|. Whispers
1981 .|. The Eyes of Darkness
     (as Leigh Nichols)
1981 .|. The Mask
     (as Owen West)
1982 .|. The House of Thunder
     (as Leigh Nichols)
1983 .|. Phantoms
1984 .|. Darkfall
     aka Darkness comes
1984 .|. Twilight
     aka The Servants of Twilight
     (as Leigh Nichols)
1985 .|. The Door to December
     (in US as Richard Page
     in UK as Leigh Nichols)
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1985 .|. Twilight Eyes .|. Little Worm
1986 .|. Strangers
1987 .|. Shadowfires
     (as Leigh Nichols)
1987 .|. Watchers
1988 .|. Lightning
1988 .|. Oddkins: A Fable for all Ages
1989 .|. Midnight
1990 .|. The Bad Place
1991 .|. Cold Fire
1992 .|. Hideaway
1993 .|. Dragon Tears
1993 .|. Mr. Murder
1994 .|. Dark Rivers of the Heart
1996 .|. Beautiful Death
1996 .|. Intensity First Chapter from Random House .|. Little Worm
1996 .|. Santa's Twin
1997 .|. Sole Survivor First Chapter from Random House
1997 .|. Tick Tock .|. Little Worm
1998 .|. Fear Nothing First Chapter from Random House .|. Little Worm
1998 .|. Seize the Night First Chapter from Random House
1999 .|. False Memory First Chapter from Random House .|. Little Worm
2000 .|. From the Corner of his Eye First Chapter from Random House .|. Bookworm's Comment
2001 .|. The Paper Doorway
2001 .|. The Book of Counted Sorrows
First Chapter from BookBrowse.com
2001 .|. One Door away from Heaven First Chapter from Random House .|. Bookworm's Comment
2002 .|. By the Light of the Moon First Chapter from Random House .|. Bookworm's Comment
2003 .|. The Face First Chapter from Random House
2003 .|. Every Day's a Holiday
2003 .|. Odd Thomas First Chapter from Random House
2004 .|. The Taking First Chapter from Random House
2004 .|. Life Expectancy First Chapter from Random House
2004 .|. Life is Good! (with Trixie Koontz)
2005 .|. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 1:
     Prodigal Son (with K.J. Anderson)
First Chapter from Random House
2005 .|. Velocity First Chapter from Random House
2005 .|. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 2:
     City of Night (with K.J. Anderson)
2005 .|. Forever Odd First Chapter at Bookreporter.com
2005 .|. Christmas is Good! (with Trixie Koontz)
2006 .|. The Husband First Chapter at Bookreporter.com .|. Bookreporter.com
2006 .|. Brother Odd First Chapter at the Author's website
2007 .|. The good Guy First Chapter at the Author's website
2007 .|. The Darkest Evening of the Year First Chapter at the Author's website
2008 .|. Odd Hours First Chapter at the Author's website .|. Bookreporter.com
2008 .|. In Odd we trust (Comic)
2008 .|. Bliss to you (with Trixie Koontz)
2008 .|. Your Heart belongs to Me First Chapter at the Author's website
2009 .|. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 3:
     Dead and Alive (mit K.J. Anderson)
2009 .|. Relentless First Chapter at Bookreporter.com .|. Bookreporter.com
2009 .|. A Big Little Life
2009 .|. I, Trixie who is Dog
2009 .|. Breathless First Chapter from Bookreporter.com .|. Bookreporter.com
2009 .|. Fear Nothing (Comic)
2010 .|. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein,
     Book 4: Lost Souls
First Chapter at Random House
.|. Bookreporter.com
2010 .|. Trixie & Jinx
2010 .|. Odd is on our side (Comic) First Chapter at Random House
2011 .|. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein,
     Book 5: The Dead Town

The Door to December
"The Door to December" (Signet, Paperback, 1st revised edition, 2002, read: February 03)
"Little Melanie has been kidnapped when she was only three. She was nine when she was found wandering the L.A. streets, with blank eyes. What had become of her in all those years of darkness ... and what was the terrible secret, clutching at her soul, that she dared not even whisper?
Her loving mother and the police desperately hunted for the answer. They needed Melanie to help get to the bottom of the most savage scene of carnage the city had ever seen. And they would do anything to save her from whatever dreadful force or thing had invaded her young life. But first they would have to save themselves from a rising tide of terror ... and from an icy evil howling through ... The Door to December."

For six years Melanie was tortured by terrible experiments but the participating scientists (among them her own father) had no idea what they set free with them. When Melanie is found after six years she's autistic, has withdrawn herself into her own world and is terribly afraid what may come through the "Door to December". Her tormentors die one after another which isn't really a pity after reading what Melanie went through.

The book which was written by Koontz as early as 1985 is a solid horror-thriller with true page-turner qualities. Piece by piece the truth unfolds and chapter by chapter you have to read on. Maybe its because of the fact that the book is already 18 years old but it contains some 'classic themes' of the genre which hint after the first half of the story what it's all about and where it leads to. But this doesn't diminish the thrill. And there you know what a ingenious author Koontz really is.
[Dorothée Büttgen, March 03]

From the Corner of his Eye
"From the Corner of his Eye" (Headline Book Publishing, Paperback, 8th edition, 2001, read: April 05)
"Bartholomew Lampion is blinded at the age of three, when surgeons reluctantly remove his eyes to save him from a fast-spreading cancer, but although eyeless, Barty regains his sight when he is thirteen. This sudden ascent from a decade of darkness into the glory of light is not brought about by the hands of a holy healer. No celestial trumpets announce the restoration of his vision, just as none announced his birth. A rollercoaster has something to do with his recovery, as does a seagull. And you cannot discount the importance of Barty's profound desire to make his mother proud of him before she dies. The first time she died was the day Barty was born: January 6, 1965."

Koontz' best monsters are real people. A prime example is Junior Cain. He is a man who thinks of himself to be the best thing that evolution has brought forward. Seemingly unprepared and without thinking he commits his first murder to see what it feels like. From his 'good deeds' you'll only know what he's willing to tell. His 'mistakes' and 'failures' are told by other people. This is a very good stylistical move. In the same amount that Junior is absolutely bad all the other protagonists are absolutely good. Most of all Agnes Lampion and her son Bartholomew. As most of the time with Koontz all single destinies meet at one point and in the end all is well. But the road up to that point is a great trip with interesting stylistical details. One not to be misssed.
[Dorothée Büttgen, June 05]

One Door away from Heaven
"One Door away from Heaven" (Headline, Paperback, 5th edition, 2002, read: November 04)
"Micky Bellsong has a history of making wrong choices; she wants to change but can't find her way. She is living, temporarily, with her aunt in a dusty trailer park on the far edge of the Californian dream. There she meets Leilani Maddoc, a precocious, radiant, dazzlingly charming nine-year-old. Although Leilani's left leg requires a brace and her left hand is deformed as well, she is bouyant and indomitable; her great spirit begins to inspire change in Micky.
But under Leilani's charm and buoyancy, Micky also senses a quiet desperation and a fear that the girl dares not express. Then the Maddoc family disappears.
Micky is convinced that Leilani's life is in danger, and no one seems to care but Micky herself. To the surprise of everyone who knows her - indeed, surprising even herself - Micky is for the first time living for something bigger than her own desires, for someone other than herself. She sets out across America to track and to find the Maddocs, alone and afraid but increasingly obsessed - and discovers that she has pitted herself against an adversary as fearsome as he is cunning."

Three people who seem to have nothing to do with each other are the main characters in this terribly thrilling novel by Dean Koontz. The first storyline is already described in the cover text: Just recently released from prison Micky meets the 9-year-old precocious Leilani in a trailer park. When Leilani and her family disappear shortly after Micky and her aunt fear for the little girls life and Micky starts a search. But this is by far not the only story that's going on here.
A small boy and his dog are fleeing from his mother's murderers. The bond between boy and dog becomes stronger every day and the boy reveals some extraordinary abilities so you start to ask yourself what's his secret is going to be.
And the third one is a shattered ex-cop who now works as a detective and looks after his terminally ill little sister.
How does it all go together and what do they have to do with each other? For more tha 750 pages they fight for their lives and that's so thrilling that you can't put the book down anymore. A certain amount of comedy is also involved, to keep the balance. I liked most about the book that it isn't as predictable as for example "Door to December". Piece by piece one learns the (sometimes unbelievable) connections and one just has to know how it all ends. Everyone who isn't afraid of a big book can look forward to some exciting hours!
[Dorothée Büttgen, November 04]

By the Light of the Moon
"By the Light of the Moon" (Bantam Books, Paperback, 1st edition, 2002, read: December 03)
"On the road, on a hot Arizona night, Dylan O'Conner is overpowered by a stranger who injects him with an unknown substance. All he's told is that he's the "carrier" not of a disease but of something wondrous that will transform his life in remarkable ways - if it doesn't kill him in the next twenty-four hours. Now Dylan, his autistic brother, Shep, and another "carrier", a young woman, are swept into a desperate search for the shattering truth of what they are and what they might become. But first they must elude those sent to destroy them. Their only chance to survive is to discover the meaning of the messages that Shep, with precious time running out, begins to repeat, about a man who does his work ... by the light of the moon."

A crazy scientist seemingly at random selects two young people, injects them with a strange substance and disappears after telling them some mysterious facts about the effects of the substance. And he advises Dylan and Jilly better not to be caught by the police and other men who will come after them. On their own Dylan, his autistic brother Shep and Jilly start a wild escape. Day by day they develop new mental capacities, apparently results of the injection which they are able to use to their advantage. And somehow they know where they have to go and how their abilities can be put to good use.

The whole master plan behind the events reveals itself to the reader step by step, as slowly as its reavealed to the protagonists of the story. That makes it thrilling and unpredictable. Of course the strange substance and its effects belong to the realm of Science Fiction and one has to be willing to believe and accept it. Then the whole story is fun. But this is something which one encounters quite often while reading Dean Koontz.
Some conversations between Dylan and Jilly, especially in the beginning of the story, seem to be rather screwball-comedy-like but the more they get to know each other the rarer those conversation get. And there is no love story, which is worth a positive mention.

The novel is certainly not frightening, one can't call it a true horror story. The only horror lays in the concept that there might be scientists who are as unscrupulous as the one in the book to develop such a substance. Instead its a well written Science Fiction thriller with a touch of comedy. Worth reading.
[Dorothée Büttgen, February 04]

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