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Todd Komarnicki - Copyright: unknown
Todd Komarnicki
born: 1965
in: Kalifornien

1993 .|. Free
1997 .|. Famine .|. Bookworm's Comment

"famine" (Plume, Paperback, 1997, read: May 99)
"Two lives are about to cross. Where one ends, the other begins. ...
In one of Manhattan's most exclusive neighborhoods, a homicide detective finds the corpse of a young man who appears to have starved himself to death. In a hospital, a deeply depressed teenaged boy mourns the loss of his younger brother. He seeks his salvation in a fellow patient, beautiful in her freilty, yet possessed of an overwhelming inner strength. Forgotten by the world, they will both discover the price of an almost impossible devotion.
As the detective delves deeper into the investigation, his own past begins to intertwine with the life of the victim. Memories merge, identities blur, and only through a continuing series of lies can the truth begin to emerge."

This summary on the backside of the bookcover prepares in no way for that which is found inside. In an unsusual language Todd Komarnicki tells his tale in two different timelines. One has to get used to his style a little bit but then you notice that the style developes along with the characters.
The story is exciting, tragic and even sad but you can't lay the book down. You just have to know how the stories layers come together and what led to the death of this boy. It's not possible to tell more of the content without revealing one of the numerous changes and strange events. And that is the last thing one should do.
In any case this book shows that it's possible to find real pearls in a small Viennese bookstore if you are prepared to encounter something new.
[Dorothée Büttgen, May 99]

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