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Richard E. Grant, Copyright: unknown
Richard E. Grant
born: 05.05.1957
in: Mbabane, Swaziland

Homepage: www.richard-e-grant.com

1998 .|. With Nails: the film diaries of Richard E. Grant .|. Bookworm's Comment
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With Nails
"With Nails - The Film Diaries of Richard E. Grant" (The Overlook Press, Paperback, 1999, read: February 00)
"With Nails" contains the film diaries of Richard E. Grant from 1985 (Withnail and I) to 1997 (Spice Girls - The Movie). If you ever wanted to have an ironic and honest peek into the 'madhouse' Hollywood your at the right place. From the audition for a role to the making of the movie up to the premiere you'll get the feeling your taking part. And finally you're able to grasp what's going on. And Grant isn't just a great actor (in sometimes wired roles), but he's a good author, too. It's never boring, extremely funny and sometimes sad. This is no celebrity-profile book in the sense of 'My beautiful Hollywood life' but a report in which Grant writes as he pleases. And he isn't kind to himself, either. For example regarding "Hudson Hawk" where I always asked myself what could have brought this actor to participate in that movie.
The book is extremely interesting if you know the films he's talking about. There are many to choose from, e.g. LA Stories, The Player, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Age of Innocence and Pret à Porter. And if you don't know the film you're tempted to rent it in a video store to have a close look at some scenes. Now I only have one wish: to listen to him while he's talking!
[Dorothée Büttgen, March 00]

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