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Poppy Z. Brite
Poppy Z. Brite
born: 05-25-1967
in: New Orleans, Louisiana


1990 .|. Lost Souls .|. Little Worm
1993 .|. Drawing Blood .|. Bookworm's Comment
1994 .|. Love in Vein (Ed.)
1994 .|. Wormwood (aka Swamp Foetus)
1996 .|. Exquisite Corpse .|. Bookworm's Comment
1996 .|. Love in Vein 2 (Ed.)
1996 .|. The Nightmare Factory
     (with Thomas Ligotti)
1996 .|. The Earth strikes back
     (with R.T. Chizmar, N.A. Collins)
1997 .|. Courtney Love: The real story
1998 .|. The Crow: The Lazarus Heart .|. Little Worm
1998 .|. Are you loathsome tonight
1998 .|. Disco 2000 (Contributor)
1999 .|. Killer Art; Art That Has Maimed,
      Killed or Caused General Destruction
     (with Lynn Powers)
1999 .|. Seed of Lost Souls
2000 .|. Plastic Jesus
2001 .|. Guilty but Insane
2001 .|. Wrong Things
2002 .|. From Weird and Distant Shores
     (with Caitlin R. Kiernan)
2002 .|. Coupable (with Jean Daniel Braque)
2003 .|. The Value of X Sample Chapter from Subterranean Press
2003 .|. The Devil you know
2003 .|. The Feast of St. Rosalie
2004 .|. Liquor
2004 .|. Triads (with Christa Faust)
2005 .|. Prime
2005 .|. Fear of the Unknown (et al.)
2006 .|. Soul Kitchen
2006 .|. Love, Bourbon Street
2007 .|. D*U*C*K
2007 .|. Antediluvian Tales

Poppy Z. Brite - Drawing Blood
"Drawing Blood" (Penguin Books, Paperback, 1994, read: July 05)
"No one could understand the forces that rocked cartoonist Robert McGee's mind, allowing him to slaughter his wife and three-year-old son before hanging himself. Only five-year-old Trevor survived - silent witness to the bloodbath that destroyed his family.
Twenty years later, the same malignant love brought Trevor McGee back to Missing Mile. But this time he wasn't alone. Hiding from justice with fugitive computer hacker Zach Bosch, Trev opened the door to Birdland. Ready to face the demons. Ready to risk his life again ..."

Back to Missing Mile, where 'Lost Souls' took place. The place is the same but the characters changed. Its not about vampires but about obsession.
When Trevor's father killed his whole family he let Trevor live. The reason 'why' is bothering Trevor his whole life and 20 years after the murder he comes back to Missing Mile to get some answers. Unfortunately all participants are dead, only the house where it happened is still standing and inhabits many ghosts.
Zack, a young hacker from New Orleans, strands at Missing Mile around the same time - a fateful incident for both boys.

Poppy Z. Brite likes to explain everything that happens down to its tiniest detail. Be it the town, eating hallucinogenous mushrooms or sex with the boys. That may be a little bit more detail than one asked for but all in all the story is captivating, the characters are interesting and a bit crazy. In my opinion its the most 'accessible' of Ms. Brites novels (at least of those I've read so far).
[Dorothée Büttgen, November 05]

Exquisite Corpse
"Exquisite Corpse" (Phoenix, Paperback, 1998, read: August 99)
"From the award winning author of Lost Souls, Drawing Blood and Swamp Foetus comes a powerful insight into the lives and minds of two serial killers looking for love under cover of the dark and steamy New Orleans night ..."

Andrew Compton, who's been in jail for the murder of 23 young men, comes to New Orleans after his successful escape. There he meets Jay Byrne, a local, who has already brutally murdered innumerable boys. First they choose each other as their next victim. But then they discover their mutual passion for killing and fall in love. Together they start to search for young tourists who don't find death easily..
To say it up front: this is a 'horror' novel and the story is sometimes terribly brutal. I admit that I skipped a passage of around three pages because I knew what would happen but I didn't want to have the exact pictures in my mind.
But the story is also fascinating. You don't get what you expect: there's no police-detective only one step behind these men, the murders won't be solved and the murderers won't be convicted. But that's not the point. To describe it without judgement: it's about two men with a common passion, discovering that there is much more fun in doing it together. If you're ready for it, you're in for a brilliantly written horrortrip which you won't forget so easily.
[Dorothée Büttgen, October 99]

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